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SureShop is software specifically designed for the oil and gas industry to handle service, inventory, job tracking, BHA information and history of downhole tools. SureShop creates a highly efficient, paperless, shop process. Service technicians input data into mobile tablets in real-time. Additionally, SureShop stores all of the manufacturer's service guidelines and lets shop personnel know when something is out of spec. This greatly reduces the possibility of errors. Management can track all of the parts and tool service digitally as the process happens.



Tool Templates

At the heart of SureShop are tool templates.  These templates drive the data.  Once these are properly set up and in place, you will have visibility into not only your assets, but every individual part that makes up those assets on any given BHA - in real time!

Tool Template Details
Manufacturer Specifications
Manufacturer's Specs

By giving service technicians manufacturer's specs, integrated right into the service process, SureShop helps ensure quality in every build.  This creates peace of mind for you and your customers about tool reliability downhole.

Real Time Data Capture

Shop technicians no longer need to fill out paperwork! Using the SureShop mobile web app on an iPad, the technicians can capture all data related to the build process in real time.  Watch your data entry errors and missing data issues disappear!

Real Time Data Capture
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting

At the end of the day, what good is data if you can't use it to impact your business? If you need a report on demand or want it sitting in your in-box when you get to the office, SureShop produces fast, accurate, and complete reporting.



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